Kexuan Liu

Image Description: I am sitting on my bed while grinning at the camera. I have black hair, styled in a buzz cut. And I was wearing a green tank top and a shiny silver-colored chain necklace.

I am a PhD student in Philosophy at Duke University. My research interests lie at the intersection of feminist & queer & trans studies, critical disability studies, and memory studies. 

I am especially interested in employing feminist and queer theories, trans studies, and critical disability studies to theorize memory and topics in epistemology. I want to explore the ways in which different forms of embodiment –and different cognitive, anthropological, or cosmological frameworks  – complicate our understanding of memory and normative claims that relate to it. 

I’m also interested in exploring broader questions related to how our social, political, and material environments influence our understanding of the past; how power relations affect the credibility of rememberers and the (un)intelligibility of certain memories; and more positively, what are queer, trans, and crip ways of remembering, imagining, and perceiving that can serve as sites of resistance and offer alternative ways of being in the world

I use they/them pronouns. 

You are more than welcomed to contact me via email at or